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The Greenlight Groove: ‘Cursed Sight’, ‘Tokyo Dark’ and More


Many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions; there are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Keep in mind that those listed below are by no means the only new arrivals, simply those I gave my ‘yes’ vote. With that in mind, would you kindly help make sure none end up as a potential Stuck In Greenlight Limbo candidate, by voting? Oh and do provide their creators with feedback. I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything, so long as it’s expressed properly (please, be nice).

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (@halcyon6game)
On the edge of Terran space lies Halcyon 6, a derelict starbase left behind by a mysterious precursor race. Your mission is to reclaim the derelict station and rebuild it. A mysterious alien force is making a beeline towards Earth and this starbase is the best chance for the Terran Republic to establish new alliances, research new technologies and otherwise figure out a way to stop the impending invasion.

Inside Me

Inside Me (@SnowBiteGames)
The protagonist is a nanobot which was designed to dispose of hostile microbes and cleansing the body’s cells. The general gameplay is intended to be in management of more smaller bots for fighting with infectious agents. During the game you will be able to reveal unique abilities enhancing your capabilities in the battle with pests.

Always The Same Blue Sky...

Always The Same Blue Sky…
Due to mysterious circumstances, you have been sent to finish your studies on a remote Mediterranean island. Sure you’re used to moving around, but even you haven’t experienced an island quite like this, a girl quite like Kira. In an already niche genre of storytelling, Always The Same Blue Sky stands out as a truly unique seaside adventure; a timeless tale of love, mystery and humanity.

Card Dungeon

Card Dungeon (@playtapgames)
Take on the invading hordes of the Nethermists, in this turn-based rogue-like. Play as the Crusader and fight to rid the monster infested, randomly created, dungeons in this card, board and turn-based rogue-like. Face hard choices about which of the 1000’s of cards you find you will want to keep and which to discard. Find new inventory cards and equip your Crusader in all kinds of gear and weapons!

Tokyo Dark

Tokyo Dark (@CherryMochii)
Detective Itō`s partner is missing – but what starts as a straightforward case soon spirals into a twisted nightmare that causes Itō to confront her past and question her own sanity. Is there really a lost door deep below Tokyo? Are there living shadows, lurking in the dark? Will the past come back to haunt you, or should you stand by your decisions?

Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift (@SplitPolygon)
Interstellar Rift is a open world Starship Simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multi-player interaction. Players will need to survive in a hostile galaxy with their own custom designed and constructed starship. Space is vast but you wont have to face it alone, other players will be able to join your ship and help out, or build their own rival fleet and fight you across the galaxy.

Cursed Sight

Cursed Sight (@InvertMouse) [Kickstarter]
Being able to control fate would be a blessing for many. To Miyon, it is her greatest curse. East and West Taria are in conflict, and Miyon’s power will be the most valuable weapon. Meanwhile, Gai has been sold by his family into Miyon’s temple. Will the two save or destroy one another?

Brock Crocodile

Brock Crocodile (@brockcrocodile)
Caught in the middle of protecting an ancient artifact and a sudden crime wave, he’ll journey from his quiet town of Crocoh Lake to the badlands in the East where the Fearsome Four lay in wait, a group of hired master criminals who are bringing anarchy to Crocodillian Island, Brock’s sets off to face these dastardly villains and their employer, the mysterious Wize Dark.

Dungeons of Aledorn

Dungeons of Aledorn [Kickstarter]
Dungeons of Aledorn (DoA) is an RPG game that brings back several time-tested principles in a mixture of fantasy RPG/Dungeon. It´s primarily made for (and from) hard-core gamers and those who prefer games with high challenge level.


Rememoried (@rememoried)
“You count the stars above your head just like the one who pointed a finger at you from the unknown. The closer you get to infinity, the more you get lost in the numbers created to describe the real world, and your eyelids become curtains that hide unexpected discoveries beyond the borders, reached by only the strongest thoughts. This exciting play for one spectator is a reward for everyday gifts of the mind.”