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The Greenlight Groove: ‘One Dreamer’, ‘Beglitched’ and More


Many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions; there are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Beglitched (GL)

Beglitched is a game about insecurity, in our computers and ourselves. In a pastel world of networks where nobody truly knows what they’re doing, hacking is a magical art and the notorious Glitch Witch is the most premium archmagi of the net. By random circumstance, YOU are her new apprentice. You must use your wits and cunning to unravel the mechanisms of an alien computer and survive amongst a veritable web of clowns, leftclickers, and filedraggers.

Space Food Truck (GL)

Space Food Truck
Space Food Truck is a tongue-in-cheek, cooperative digital board game for PC, Mac, and Linux. Players work together to warp around a procedurally-generated galaxy of 100 planets in search of ingredients, then scramble to the planet craving each dish to complete recipe objectives. Finish every recipe before your ship falls apart to win.

One Dreamer (GL)

One Dreamer
When Frank is awake he is in a Reality state. Here gameplay consists of detective style wandering around, interacting with objects and puzzle-solving elements. When Frank falls asleep he is in a Dream state. Gameplay drastically changes to suit the majestic settings of his dreams. This includes several platformer like elements, The Last of Us style interactive cinematics and a stealth enemy system. Yep, were big fans of the The Last of Us. Minor gameplay elements include character switching, inventory crafting and rope climbing. Overall gameplay in the Dream state is much more fast pace, unpredictable and skill based compared to the puzzle-solving type gameplay in the Reality state.

Cross Reverie | The Trial of Nightmare (GL)

Cross Reverie | The Trial of Nightmare
Follow the story of Eight of the land of Xylera’s bravest combatants and their descent into the madness known only as The Trial of Nightmare…

Gunman Clive 2 (GL)

Gunman Clive 2
After rescuing Ms Johnson, Gunman Clive returns to again find the town under attack by bandits. To stop them once and for all he must chase after their leader; an adventure that takes him all the way around the world, facing bigger and deadlier enemies than ever before.

sphereFACE (GL)

sphereFACE is a retro-3D vector shooter inspired by Asteroids, wrapped around the inside of a sphere. An unashamedly abstract shooter that ranges from slow, strategic sniping to frantic fast-paced rock-dodging action, with roguelike elements of exploration, progression, discovery and sudden death!

SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel (GL)

SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel
SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel is an action-puzzle-platformer with retro-style graphics and hardcore gameplay features where the player controlls both a character and his personal drone in search of justice in a dystopian world

Slipstream (GL)

Slipstream is an arcade-style checkpoint racing game. You drive across 15 different tracks and race against the clock to get to the finish line, while avoiding the traffic and obstacles along the way. At the end of each track, the road splits in two different paths, allowing players to choose their next destination. The game takes place in a variety of exotic landscapes, including cities, mountains, forests, beaches and valleys, and features a simple yet challenging driving gameplay.

Nyctophilia (GL)

You arrive to the house in the hope to forget something. Over time this site will become a scary place. House tells its own dark story. Here past and present blend into each other, and you already can not understand difference between reality and illusion. Only questions and no answers.