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The Greenlight Groove: Solstice, We Slay Monsters and More


It’s a fact that many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions. There are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Keep in mind that those listed below are by no means the only new arrivals, simply those I gave my ‘yes’ vote. With that in mind, would you kindly help make sure none end up as a potential Stuck In Greenlight Limbo candidate, by voting? Oh and do provide their creators with feedback. I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything, as long as it’s expressed properly (please, be nice).


Many hard pieces of meteorites cause the loss of the pressure on the board of the shuttle. Because of that happened a huge explosion destroying the spaceship. Astronaut and the crewmember of Junior 2, Klimov, caused the emergency landing on the surface of the Moon. In 3 days, 18th of May, 2023, USA dropped their space mission due the danger of space showers. USA and Russia decided to use the second module of the Shuttle Lawrence to save the lost astronaut, Klimov.

The Quantum Principle

The Quantum Principle
The Quantum Principle is a topdown rts/rpg, adventure, survival, exploration, simulation hybrid set in space. It features action packed gameplay and many ideas that are found in the 4x genre (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) are found in TQP as well. The game is event and story driven, the ai story generator will look at how you play and at your hidden scores and activate new events and story arcs accordingly.


Use your legs and mind to navigate through the obstacles if you want to wake up again. Collect Mind Fragments and jump from platform to platform in order to reach the end portal in time and escape. The Dreamlord has given you jump pads, teleports, elevators, anti-gravity devices and lots of platforms to jump on and get to the end.


Solstice (@TomGrochowiak)
An exotic city in the middle of a frozen wasteland, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits, who either can’t or don’t want to leave for the dead winter season. When the local archaeologist goes missing, an ambitious doctor on a contract and a mysterious young woman, who arrived with the last dog sled caravan, start asking questions. What starts as an innocent investigation to pass the time, may result in the cold wasteland finally claiming the proud Jewel of the North.

Top Hat

Top Hat (@NikasN94G)
If you are tired of “games” in which you get hit by heavy machine gun and grenades, and all you need to do is cover behind the wall to replenish HP, then Top Hat is a perfect game for you! The story is about a golden top hat that was stolen from our Hero. Now he has to to get it back. On his adventure the Hero will visit seven worlds, each with his own graphic style.


Prophour23 (@thotep)
Prophour23 is a procedurally generated real-time strategy with emphasis on mechanics. It’s designed to be short and replayable. A single playthrough will take you about 15 minutes, if you’re good. But the next one will be different. And another one as well. You build an organism out of various organs and try to come up against stacking odds. Organs can be connected in various ways, producing different results (e.g. you connect a muscle organ to a stomach organ to make it work).

We Slay Monsters

We Slay Monsters (@wedesigngames)
We Slay Monsters streamlines traditional roguelike RPG gameplay and introduces a unique poker-esque card based combat mechanic. Each class (Wizard, Rogue, Warrior, or Cleric) has a unique deck of cards; using this deck you will guide your hero through the dungeon. Each dungeon is designed to play in short bursts, with a single dungeon taking 15-25 minutes to complete (or even less if your hero dies).


A.V. is a first-person stealth puzzle musical adventure game in which the player can only see the world by producing sound. This enforcement of “Sound To Light” provides a unique and exciting sensory experience featuring custom created art and music made ONLY for A.V. By using this “Sound To Light” mechanic, the player can identify landmarks in the world, and with a special set of “instruments”, the player can find their way around this tangled puzzle world, all while avoiding those pesky anti-virus drones and enjoying some sweet tunes.

Gravity Snap

Gravity Snap
Very addictive puzzle game for fans of falling block type games.

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