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The Greenlight Groove: ‘Urban Pirate’, ‘Mutropolis’ and More


Many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions; there are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendation(s) from the past week!

Mutropolis (GL)

After the great cataclysm that devastated the earth in the 23rd century, mankind had to move to the dusty planet Mars. It wasn’t a big deal, some imported plants and a special program for pet acclimatization were key to the success of the mission. Mars soon became the new home for the uprooted Earthlings, but in the meantime the Earth remained uninhabitable and ignored. The great achievements of humanity, as the pyramids or the films of Humphrey Bogart were totally forgotten. Abandoned for 3,000 years, the Earth recovered its stability and humans began to take their first steps towards moving back to their original home.

Marty Thinks 4th Dimensionally (GL)

Marty Thinks 4th Dimensionally
Marty Thinks 4th Dimensionally is a 3D puzzle platformer where you play as a small robot on a journey to find his creator. Along his journey, Marty will find a wealth of new powers that will aid him in his journey. Among them is power over time. With it Marty is able to work together with past versions of himself to overcome any challenge. This title will challenge you with puzzling stage design where 1 player cannot succeed alone. However, by stringing together the actions of up to 5 versions of Marty no challenge will prove too much.

Urban Pirate (GL)

Urban Pirate
Turn-based, crime simulator including dangerous living, legendary upgrades and adrenaline pumping 2D mini-games.

Dujanah (GL)

Venture forth into an interactive adventure with a focus on exploration. Encounter various moral, psychological and political dilemmas. Travel through a myriad of environments and converse with strange creatures from a future as yet unknown. Lose yourself in the arcade with a wide variety of games on offer. Your trusty mechanised vehicle will aid you on your passage to redemption… but is redemption really what you seek?

An Octonaut Odyssey (GL)

An Octonaut Odyssey
In this 2D platform game that mixes exploration and logic, you are Octo, the amnesiac octopus. You’ll discover wild planets with him, inhabited by strange and evolutive flora and fauna. You’ll meet quirky characters, and gather clues to help Octo recover his memory. You’ll learn to move around and to evolve in a new and chaotic universe, as well as to avoid the traps that stand in Octo’s way to disorientate him.