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The Greenlight Groove: Wind Traveler and… more!


Many Steam users don’t check – or even notice – the majority of Greenlight additions; it’s simply too time-consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, showcasing my recommendation(s) from the past week.

The Girl in red (GL)

The Girl in red
In “The girl in red” you will play for a nine-year Lena. Lena wakes up after a long walk in the woods at night, and now she has to go home. Large and complex storyline. Many mysteries and secrets.

Wind Traveler (GL)

Wind Traveler
A mysterious figure: the Wind Traveler. Many talk about him, but no one knows for sure if he still exists. In this world where it is necessary to fight to survive, Dark Elves, that were apparently extinct, are reappearing. Will the conflict from a long time ago happen again?

Evil in Training (GL)

Evil in Training
Evil in Training is all about training your inner… evil. Fro, Master of the Void, commands you to take control of the remnants of his training grounds! Aided by humble servants and with power over the Void Energy, shift the world into reality and make preparations for the upcoming conquest of the Light Realm. Train those halflings into mighty harbingers of doom or into sneaky, yet crippling assassins. With their aid, go forth and scout, pillage and exterminate the regions of Light.

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