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The Greenlight Groove: Kings of Israel, The Inner Sea and More


Many Steam users don’t check or even notice most Greenlight additions; there are simply too many, making it rather time consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, featuring my recommendations from the past week!

Zarvot (GL)

Zarvot is a local multiplayer shooty shoot game. It was built with casually competitive, balanced play in mind. I like to think of it as the fighting game you can play with people who don’t like fighting games. It’s easy to pick up, and it doesn’t have astronomical finger dexterity requirements. The most complex input is “hold down the button.” Despite this, the gameplay is exceedingly brutal if you don’t care to win. It just relies more on your brain, and less on halfquartercircleturns.

The Inner Sea (GL)

The Inner Sea
The Inner Sea is an open world game with RPG elements, set in the XVII century in a mysterious archipelago. You’ll build up your fleet from a single damaged ship, hire crew, engage in naval battles with both the islanders & the creatures from the deep, perform missions & much more!

Sun Dogs (GL)

Sun Dogs
Sun Dogs is a game of exploring our inner solar system, altering your body, and embracing death. In a distant future where humanity alters itself without a second thought, you must do the same. Skim along the Sun’s corona, float above the surface of Venus, travel the dusty plains of Mars. If your body dies, your mind will be given a new one, and you will keep going.

Kings of Israel (GL)

Kings of Israel
Based on the strategic board game of the same name, Kings of Israel takes place in ancient Israel during the reign of its kings up until Israel’s destruction by Assyria. The player must use their team of prophets to fight evil growing within Israel, while trying to build the altars needed to win the game. Life will not be easy for the team of prophets! Each turn evil grows within Israel, idols may be built, and chaos continues every turn a bad king leads Israel. But if the player plans well, and uses their actions and resources carefully, they will prevail and go on to new, and more difficult, battles!

This Book Is A Dungeon (GL)

This Book Is A Dungeon
Auto-cannibalism. Demonic Seduction. Occult Rituals. Bloodfeasting Worms. This Book Is A Dungeon has it all and more. This dark, horrific Twine-based dungeon crawler pairs edgy interactive fiction with grisly pixel art and light RPG elements. Prepare to be disturbed, titillated, and savaged by unholy denizens aplenty in your quest to navigate this sprawling narrative-driven labyrinth bristling with otherworldly doom.

Hector Heuff's Adventures (GL)

Hector Heuff’s Adventures
Follow along and guide Hector through this puzzeling adventure-comedy taking place in Spain during the 1500s. Explore ancient temples, venture through deep and mysterious jungles, fight off pirates, guards and tribes-men, experience breathtaking shipwrecks and peek inside mysterious closets (under no circumstances will we tell you what’s inside) and meet important people in certainly unexpected places.

Ultra Dance Murder (GL)

Ultra Dance Murder
A challenging twin stick arcade shooter with a fantastic heart pounding 80’s styled synthwave soundtrack, glitch art aesthetic, dance inspired combat, and the local multiplayer gameplay you love that either builds or destroys friendships. Don’t have friends? That’s fine, play with the computer in both Co-op and Deathmatch. Set in a futuristic antivirus immune system where you are tasked to quarantine and eliminate all threats to the central operating system, even if it takes one restart after another.

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