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The Greenlight Groove: Mutant Football League and…


Many Steam users don’t check – or even notice – the majority of Greenlight additions; it’s simply too time-consuming. Hoping to alleviate this problem somewhat, I bring you The Greenlight Groove, showcasing my recommendation(s) from the past week.

Mutant Football League (GL)

Mutant Football League
Mutant Football League pays homage to the classic Mutant League Football franchise by combining a great playing action football game with deep strategy, bone-crunching hits, over the top gore, and a graveyard full of tongue-through-cheek humor.

MorphoGoons (GL)

MorphoGoons is a fast-paced PVP brawler based on the rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Select a crew of Goons – each with different powers – and shape-shift between them on the fly. Rely on timing, precision, and lightning fast decisions!

Feral Fury (GL)

Feral Fury
Feral Fury is a fast-paced, hardcore, twin stick shooter rogue-lite with randomly generated stages, encounters and items but also permanent unlocks and upgrades.

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