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‘The Fastest Skeleton’ Impressions: Climb the Tower by Putting One Bone Ahead of the Other

The Fastest Skeleton

Skeleton? Check. Eerie sound effects? Check. Tall tower to climb? Check. Bone-by-bone movement? Yup. Like in QWOP, you’re not controlling the character directly in The Fastest Skeleton – instead, you’re controlling the limbs (or bones, rather). Oh and you better believe it’s every bit as tricky as it sounds.

No one knows how this fella got into the tower climbing business or why he’s able to move at all, being a skeleton and all, but that’s hardly relevant. Fact is, there’s a tower to ascend, and you’ll need to pull off some funky moves to get it done, seeing how you’re limited to moving left, right, up and down; stretch your bony avatar in those directions to hopefully climb the next ledge, that is. Uncanny.

Early on, each platform is – for the most part – easily reachable, but it ain’t long before you’ll have to squeeze through tight spots and perform awkward acrobatics to progress. Doesn’t help that the protagonist has a habit of clipping through said platforms either, which tends to result in him losing his grip and falling down. As such, nailing a grab/jump/etc. does grant a sense of accomplishment, although perhaps not for the right reasons.

While I never did reach the top, if one even exists, at least I got a rather humorous screenshot from my attempt at ascending the spooky tower. Come to think of it, since The Fastest Skeleton is free (donation optional), why not take it for a spin? Climb little skeleton, climb!