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The End Is Nigh or: Platforming of the Post-Apocalyptic Ash

Oh Ash. Poor, pretty-much-dead-already Ash. Seems all this guy has to look forward to is “a future of pain and suffering”, or so it would seem. Perhaps you are the one, the player who can get him through this mess, that special someone who can help him… make a friend… out of… pieces of peopl– wait, just what is going on in The End Is Nigh?!

Now, I don’t know a lot about The End Is Nigh, save for this: according to its creator, you will die in this game. Over and over again. Needless to say, many are going to buy it based on that one fact, while just as many will be avoiding it for the same reason. This is fine. Not every game out there is for everyone, and while this one is likely going to give me headaches more than put a smile on my face, I can still appreciate what Edmund McMillen has created. Yup, that guy. Sure explains why the game looks ever so familiar, eh? Eh? Alrighty then.

That said, like its spiritual precursor, The End Is Nigh sure packs a lot of content, what with more than six-hundred levels, loads of collectible “little squishy tumors” (…wait, what?!), and a wealth of well-hidden extras and endings – the stuff guides and FAQs are/will be made of, I’m sure. Oh, and the main ingredient in this already rather weird concoction is apparently stress? Could have sworn it was precision platforming based on the trailer below. Shows how much I know. Or something. Whatever the case… jump, Ash, JUMP!

The End Is Nigh is available from Steam, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

The End Is Nigh! (teaser trailer)

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