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The ‘Defense Grid’ Universe Has Expanded Again With ‘Containment’

Defense Grid: Containment

For me, Defense Grid is by far the definitive tower defense experience, although Defender’s Quest is a close second. Anyway, I was a bit annoyed with myself when I realized that not backing the Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter meant having to wait even longer before being able to get my hands on Containment. But hey, now it’s finally out and if it’s anything like the previous expansions, sci-fi tower defense fans are in for a good time!

Wait, what? ‘previous expansions’? That’s right, Defense Grid has received quite a few new pieces of content since launch, both free and premium. First one was Borderlands (not the Gearbox FPS), a free expansion which was then followed by four Resurgence map packs, and of course we mustn’t forget the Portal-inspired You Monster expansion. This was the first new content with an actual story, something it has in common with the brand new Containment (although this one does not feature the voice of GLaDoS). What you do however get, is a total of 8 new maps, a massive 32 new challenge modes and two brand new characters (told ya it was story-driven), and guess what? It picks up where the original’s story left off, so I can’t wait to see just where this futuristic tower defense is going. Yeah yeah… “Who cares about the story in tower defense?” Well, this one’s actually interesting, so there.

Oh and before I forget, here’s a link to the Defense Grid collection on Steam. What? Ah yes, here’s a link to just Containment. Now go, the distant future is in need of your strategic skills! Plus I have a feeling GLaDoS wouldn’t mind someone new to mess with…

Official Defense Grid: Containment Launch Trailer