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The Big Indie Stream Promoting Lesser-Knowns a Second Time This Month

the big indie stream

Remember a time where the sun would shine, where beach trips were entirely possible? A time, just earlier this year, when The Big Indie Stream made its debut? Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Whatever the case, they’re coming back for seconds, with a second stream later… this very month! Groovy. Very groovy.

Now, during the show, viewers will be in the presence of Stefan Kalberg, Darren Sprott, James Bottomley (not necessarily in that order), and unless I’m mistaken, like last time, each will have exactly one hour to entertain with gaming shenanigans. Wouldn’t be much fun without some funky indie games to play though, and with the likes of Tons of Guns, Duskers and Energy Hook, the lineup certainly isn’t lacking in terms of variety (or fun)! On top of that, there’ll be both giveaways and Q&A’s with developers. One to watch for sure.

The complete schedule for The Big Indie Stream can be found below, so try not to miss it, eh? Remember, November 27th at 7pm (UTC) / 8pm (CEST) / 2pm (EST)!

Note: UTC is five hours ahead of EST.

  • 07:00pm Opening (host Anne)
  • 07:15pm Darren Sprott
  • 08:20pm James Bottomley
  • 09:25pm Early Worm (Q&A)
  • 09:45pm Stefan Kalberg
  • 10:50pm Ending (host Anne)
  • 11:00pm End