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The Big Indie Stream Is Determined to Promote Lesser-knowns On July 23rd, 2015

Thanks to technology, there are more ways than ever to promote video games, whether it be your own or someone else’s. From the ancient art of written publications and word-of-mouth to modern methods like, say… a commentated, pre-recorded video, and – thanks to the likes of Twitch – real-time broadcasting. The latter is the focus of The Big Indie Stream, which is set to kick off tomorrow!

During the show, viewers will be in the presence of captain_ozz, th_pion and DolphinChemist (in that order), each given exactly one hour to entertain with gaming shenanigans. As far as the lineup goes, there’s some groovy stuff here for sure, including titles from Duckbridge, Ceiba Software, BlauwPrint and Team Reptile. Not bad. Not bad at all. Oh and there’ll be giveaways, as well as Q&A’s with participating developers. Groovy.

The complete schedule for The Big Indie Stream can be found below, so try not to miss it, eh? Remember, July 23rd at 8pm (CEST) / 2pm (EDT)!

Note: times are in CEST, which is six hours ahead of EDT.

  • 08:00pm Opening
  • 08.15pm stream by captain_ozz
  • 09.15pm Q&A and give away by Triangle Studios
  • 09.30pm stream by th_pion
  • 10.30pm Q&A and give away Duckbridge
  • 10.45pm stream by DolphinChemist
  • 11.45pm Q&A and give away Critical Bit
  • 12.00pm End

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