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Pen a Choice-Driven Tale as The 2016 IFComp Is Accepting Entries


Earlier today, twenty-one became twenty-two, as this particular competition has been a thing for as many years (a very long time, by all accounts). Same goes for the interactive genre as a whole though, IF showing up in more places, by more authors, and in more ways, than ever before. A good time to be a fan of this stuff, and personally, I am loving every minute. But enough of that – it’s time for The 2016 IFComp!

Now, if I was just some lazy would-be blogger, I’d simply paste from prior coverage of this competition as little has changed (see rule #4), with the new bits. But I’m not, so to start things off… read the darn rules! Seriously. You’d be surprised just how many think they can wing it, only to make a stupid mistake that breaks a rule, ending up disqualified. Imagine writing a proper great piece only to have that happen, eh? Exactly. Also, please, do behave. Harassment is bannable.

That said, there is one thing I’m probably going to bring up every single year, which is the fact that your submission must be free, and not have been widely spread prior (showing it to a proofreader or two is acceptable). Ah, and of course, the use of pre-existing works is fine – for inspiration. Only that. Don’t be that guy who steals the work of other authors. Or girl.

As far as choice of engine goes… well, unless I’m mistaken, Twine, Inform, TADS, Alan IF, inklewriter or whatever else you may find / create, are all fine. Still with me? Great! Last but by no means least, and quite important, intent to enter has to be registered by September 1 (just like last year), while the submission deadline is September 28.

Still here? Why are you still reading this? Click the links, read up on the rules and get to writing. Show the world what proper good interactive fiction is made of!

The Interactive Fiction Competition [deadlines]