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‘Finding Paradise’ (aka. ‘To the Moon 2’) Is Almost Upon Us – Manly Tears Will be Shed

Little over six years ago, developer Freebird Games made players everywhere - myself included - shed tears in front of their computers, upon experiencing To the Moon's deeply emotional story. Although while undeniably depressing, it was also one helluva journey. One I shall not spoil here, in spite of the game's age, and one that is set to soon continue in Finding Paradise (aka. To the Moon 2). A sequel full of wish-fulfillment... kinda.
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Indie Piñata Smashes Week-Long DRM-Free Discounts With a Twist

Everyone loves a good sale. Everyone. Don't bother trying to deny it. The more we can get for our hard-earned money, the better! But... say we didn't know exactly what we were buying, aside from the game in question being available from GOG.com, DRM-free (obviously), and costing $3. Crazy? Perhaps, and yet, Crunching Koalas is smashing prices in that very manner right now, with Indie Piñata. Groovy.
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The Trading Cards Bundle Packs Fifteen Games For Aspiring Collectors

Woo, Steam trading cards! Actually, that's fake enthusiasm, as (for now) they don't really serve much purpose. That doesn't diminish the quality of the contents of this bundle though! With heavy hitters like To The Moon, Really Big Sky, Oknytt and Skyward Collapse, this is one of them hard-to-ignore deals for sure. Also, trading cards, because... people love those, whether they'll admit it or not.
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The Indie Post: Wrong Engine, Right Game Type?

There really isn't a better time than the present to set up camp in the land of video game development. The days when your best bet was to create an engine from scratch are long gone; as a newcomer to the craft, anyway. Between Unity, GameMaker, Adventure Game Studio and other popular choices, something's bound to go well with whatever you're looking to make. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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