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‘Stardew Valley’ Multiplayer (and Other Fun Things) Update Hits Switch Tomorrow

What's better than a lone farmer making a living off the land in Stardew Valley, going on adventures, taking in the sights, delving deeply and greedily into the mines, and many other things? FOUR players picking up a hoe, axe, watering can or any of the game's other tools to then do all that... in the same game! Oh, and it'll be possible in the Switch version, from tomorrow.
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Android! iOS! It’s Happening: ‘Stardew Valley’ Is Getting Proper Groovy Mobile Ports

Stardew Valley fans have been enjoying harvesting crops, tending to farm animals, dug greedily and deeply in the mines, gone fishing, maybe even managed to move in with their SO, for a while now. On a multitude of platforms too, although none of them were mobile (as in, phones), which is a darn shame. Fortunately that's about to change, iOS port right around the corner and Android... well, it's taking a bit, but they should have it ready soon. Groovy stuff.
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Nintendo’s Getting Ready to Flood the Japanese Switch eShop With Indie Titles

There's crazy cooking shenanigans going on in Overcooked, the life of a farmer to live in Stardew Valley, and a crazy prison break-ish thingie happening in The Escapists 2. Very groovy stuff, but... eh, those games have nothing in common, right? Well as of late last week, they actually do, seeing how the lot was part of a recent reveal bound for the Japanese Switch eShop.
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Give It Up For the 2017 Indie Games Festival Finalists!

January's a great month, really. Not only do we get to enjoy the lengthy speedrunning marathon charity, Awesome Games Done Quick, but... it's also when the new year's IGF finalists are found, and this time's no exception - on either front. Like last time, we're looking at a mix of well-known titles and, well, let's just say I feel like the rest should be more familiar to me (and you!) than they are, based on a quick glance. Such a groovy assortment.
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Blood, Sweat and Tears Will Let You Live Off the Land In ‘Stardew Valley’

An inheritance is never a good thing in the slightest, as it involves the passing of someone close (more often than not, anyway). Guaranteed bad news bears right there. But in Stardew Valley there's no time to mourn your grandfather, because someone has to turn his old farm plot into a proper farm, transforming an overgrown land into fields full valuable crops. Fun, albeit rough, times ahead!
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