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7DRL 2019 is Right Around the Corner With a Week Full of A-maze-ing Permadeath

The roguelikes are coming! The roguelikes are coming! Or they will be once this year's 7DRL challenge/game jam/competition kicks off in a short bit, as an entire week has been set aside for creating such wonderful genre entries. Nothing new there though as 7DRL dates back... well, many years, and I believe it has always been in the same month (spoiler: March), much like it will this time. So darn groovy.
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7DRL 2016: a Full Week of Procedurally Generated Death-Maze Game Jammin’

Rogue, Nethack, Moria, Angband - classics. Major, undeniable, awesome... classics. Whether they've aged gracefully is a matter of perspective and personal preference, but that doesn't change their status. If you're wondering why I'm bringing up such absolutely ancient games, I'll give you a hint: 7DRL. What is 7DRL? Oh, only an extremely popular yearly roguelike game jam spanning a full week, and in a few months, the 2016 edition will be upon us! Permadeath, procedurally generated content and all that good stuff.
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