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‘Rocket League’s Third Anniversary is Well Underway With Time-Limited Additions

Earlier this week, Rocket League kicked off its third anniversary celebrations, and boy did it ever bring new content - even if it is time-limited. The most important and/or biggest thing comes in the form of a brand new stadium. Except it's not brand new. In fact, those who played Rocket League's precursor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, should be quite familiar with its layout. But that's just one of many new things/features/additions.
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Under the Sea: ‘Rocket League’s ‘AquaDome Update’ Goes Deep Down Below

For those thinking that it hasn't been long since Rocket League added groovy new stuff, well, you're totally right. Should that stop them from making a great game even better, though? Heck no! Oh, and get this: the AquaDome - which is a brand new arena - has you playing... submerged! Well, the arena, anyway. In a dome. Because why not? Also, could have sworn I caught a glimpse of BioShock's Rapture through one of its windows.
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‘Rocket League’ Will Spin Ya Right Round In the Brand New ‘Rumble Mode’

Just in case Rocket League wasn't already chaotic enough in its more normal modes (yes, that includes Snow Day), its creator decided to take the craziness even further with a brand new mode. One that features genuinely awesome power-ups, and randomized ones at that. Also, a "crates and key" system because money. The mode itself will be free to everyone in an update that's already live, however.
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The Second ‘Rocket League’ Championship Season Is Almost Upon Us

Soccer isn't a sport that'll catch the attention of everyone, that much is certain, but... say the game was played with RC cars instead of people, and the teams had a player limit of five instead of eleven? Yeah now we're getting somewhere, and this is what Rocket League is in a nutshell. That and awesomeness, which is probably why Twitch has agreed to partner with its creator for a second season of championship chaos, featuring a $250,000 price pool this time around. So very groovy.
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Get Paid to Play Soccer With RC Cars In the Official ‘Rocket League’ ‘Championship Series’

Had someone told a year or two ago that a game would soon exist, in which two teams played soccer in RC cars, I'd likely have snickered and walked away. Yet here we are, Rocket League being not only a thing, but an incredibly popular (and awesome, based on personal experience) one at that. So much in fact, that it's about to become… an eSport! Incredibly groovy.
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