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Futuristic Racer ‘Scorcher’ Hits iOS With Endless Canyons and Terrifying Sandsharks

If you have a fear of giant sandworms, then Scorcher is pretty much nightmare fuel, as you'll be navigating past plenty such in this fast-paced futuristic racer, while also doing your best to avoid the canyon walls. Those who laugh at the thought of squaring off against them, on the other hand, are likely going to find a good time as they strive towards one day (literally) becoming predator instead of prey.
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‘Inferno 2′ Review: Twin-Stick Shootin’ Re-Evolved

At first, everything was simple and manageable, with barely any opposition. A few enemies here and there in need of some gunfire-to-the-face - hardly enough to make me break a sweat. But then, little by little, their numbers grew, along with what they were packing, to suddenly find myself surrounded by colorful explosions as shots went flying left and right. Or put differently, Inferno 2 is fun, fast, furious, and so very stylish! Groovy.
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Blazin’ Amazin’ Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Inferno 2’ Has Finally Arrived On Steam

Twin-stick shooter and action-RPG. Not every day these two genres clash in a single title, but that's exactly the case in Radiangames' Inferno 2. Oh and you better believe it's one helluva mix; one packing far more depth than your average genre (as in, twin-stick shooter) entry, to boot: a fully featured leveling system, ship customization (and upgrades), secret areas, and much more. Groovy.
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‘Fluid SE’ Impressions: Help Streak the Fish Make a Splash In This Fast-Paced Dot-Gobbler

Originally an Xbox Live Indie Games exclusive almost four years ago, Radiangames recently decided it was time for an enhanced version; lo and behold, Fluid SE. While the core gameplay remains unchanged, as you'll still be chasing dots, looking for the fastest route through each level, well... let's just say there's good a reason for the SE (Special Edition) tag in the name of this mobile port.
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‘Slydris’ Review

At first glance the two may look similar, but Slydris has little to do with Tetris. For starters, it doesn't use tetronomes and the pace is noticeably slower. It's still a ton of fun though, with several different modes, a sense of progression and... some annoying special blocks!
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Android Release of ‘Slydris’ Kicks Off a Minor Radiangames Port-A-Thon

I know what you’re thinking: “yawn, another Tetris clone”. Not exactly. There’s no denying that Slydris bears a striking resemblance to Alexey Pajitnov’s popular block puzzler though. Even though you do fill lines with blocks in order to clear each, the different modes – including Zen and Survival – along with special blocks, manages to mix things up and offer a fresh take on the tried-and-true formula.
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