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‘Computer Dreams’ Impressions: Collect Dream Jars In Mazes Built Upon Unstable Tiles

One cat, one dream jar, one path, and way too many unstable platforms. These make up your protagonist, objective and obstacle course, in each level of Computer Dreams. Now, since tiles sink once crossed, it's fortunate that you have the power to raise and lower surrounding ones; but only those, and each lowered lets you raise exactly one. Tricky? You bet.
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‘I Sometimes Dream…’ Impressions: Manipulate the Environment to Puzzle Onwards

Dreams are a strange beast. One that no one truly understands. Yet, somehow, the protagonist in I Sometimes Dream... has found a way to actually control his dreams, instead of simply experiencing them. And not just that - he's also acquired an uncanny ability to copy-paste entire sections, letting him traverse otherwise hazardous or impassable areas without a care.
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‘Cloud Chap’ Impressions: Where Your Jumpiness Determines Level of Spikiness

Oh boy. Jumping once too many will trigger the wrong spikes, leaving you with nowhere to land, while not being bouncy enough won't make the other color disappear - the ones you actually want to be rid of... temporarily. Cloud Chap is one of those platformers that require both precision, timing and memorization, for without pattern recognition, you won't make it through them colored spike-mazes!

‘8bit Doves’ Impressions: Flap Those Wings to Collect Birds, Traverse Mazelike Corridors

Just to set the record straight, 8bit Doves is not another Flappy Bird clone. For starters, you can fly in circles, rather than just up or down, and instead of being score-based, there are actual levels to beat. It's anything but easy though, as the physics engine is almost too fond of dragging you down... towards a level ending crash. Oh and there are doves to collect as well, because, birds!
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