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‘CalligraTree’ Impressions: Wood Branches Out to a Tall Tree

Generally speaking, video games are a bit of a stressful form of entertainment, always forcing players to pursue some sort of goal, some sort of... well... objective. Whether it be saving the planet, eliminating a grand evil, or simply surviving, there's always something to strive for. While that does also hold true for CalligraTree, it does offer a noticeably more zen experience.
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‘Lonk’s Greedy Adventure’ Impressions: The Legend of Lonk

Hear ye, hear ye: princess Zulda (wait, what?) has been kidnapped, and the kingdom has need of a hero! A hero willing to travel to Stuffia Island, ascend Dark Castle, all the way to highest tower where she's being kept. What, how do we know all this? We just do. Now on you go! There's a princess in need of saving and not a moment to lose. So go on, do embark on... Lonk's Greedy Adventure!
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‘Sango – Tales from the Coral Cave’ Impressions: Powered by Children’s Imagination

It all started with a small turtle. A turtle who was destined for greatness, but was it aware of this upon delving into the great blue? Not really. It simply wanted to make a splish and a splash, go on a swimming adventure as it were. Rather fortunate that it did however, as had it simply remained on the beach of its birth, this part of Sango - Tales from the Coral Cave would likely have had a much different ending.
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‘Skulls n’ Ladders’ Impressions: Ghastly Gold Grabbing

Gold. Gold is good. I like gold. A lot. But... it has been known to overwhelm unfortunate souls with greed, to the point where their quest for currency - whether it be in the form of coin or something less common - proved downright fatal. Such is also the case in Skulls n' Ladders, as those not careful will have a nasty end-of-the-line encounter with... a ghost!
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