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Bargain-Priced Old-School Western ‘Gunman Clive HD Collection’ Hits Switch Early 2019

Feels like forever ago when I reviewed the initial adventures of Gunman Clive (remember?), and I suppose it kinda is, seeing how that article was published back in 2012. Since then, the mighty fearsome gunslinger has seen not only a sequel, but also several ports: Wii U, 3DS and even a GameBoy release! Quite the groovy Nintendo trend there, and one that's about to continue with Gunman Clive HD Collection on Switch.
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‘Gunman Clive’ Goes 8-Bit In Official Game Boy Port – Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

While outdated and not really the talk of the town in 2015, some do still fire up their Game Boy to play the classics (of which there are many, I might add). I doubt anyone ever expected to see indie hit Gunman Clive on that particular system though. Yet here we are, and however odd it may seem, the port is not only playable, but also quite true to the source material. Some impressive programming for sure.
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