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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Over a Dozen Greenlight Limbo Picks Are Steambound as of Today

Boy did Christmas ever come early for these fourteen developers, as their respective titles are all now ready to be prep'd for distribution via. Steam. That is, those that are ready (at the very least, for Early Access), because, well, not a lot of them are. There's still plenty reason to celebrate though, as no less than five of these have in fact been on Greenlight since 2014… which is just ridiculous. Plain and simple ridiculous.
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What, This Week's Greenlight Escapees? Sure!

Not the most exciting week for those still awaiting passage through Greenlight, although Super Rude Bear Resurrection made it through in... hang on, less than a week? Wow. Let's just hope it can live up to that kind of hype, eh? Oh and three more also cleared the hills. You know, the green hills? No? Aw.
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This Week's Greenlight Escapees Are… Tenfold?

Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a lot more than ten this week, but that just wasn't in the cards. Or the votes. Or the... Valve (get it?). Right, anyway, an interesting lot nonetheless, which - just like last week - include visual novels. What? Oh don't worry, there's also platforming, bullet hell, and even an intergalactic trashman. No, really - just take a glance at the list.
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The Weekly Greenlight Escapees: ‘Visual Novel Edition’

While the list below is hardly as impressive as last week's whooppin' thirty-two, news is news, and news is only news for so long. That and Valve seems to be in a visual novel-mood these days, seeing how three such were pushed through Greenlight in the same week. Yup, three. Unfortunately, none of them are out just yet though, but... I'm sure they will be soon, and on Steam not long after!
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One Greenlight Week Later: Thirty-Two Games Have Made It Through

Remember when I posted about Steam being crowded? That applies now more than ever, really, given the amount of recent Greenlight escapees. In a way, that's a good thing, because it means more potentially great games are now... picking up Steam (get it?). But it does also make getting spotted on Valve's digital storefront rather difficult, compared to, say, two years ago. But that's just the way it is.
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Lucky Number Seventeen For This Batch of Greenlight Escapees

Not gonna lie, I wasn't really planning on publishing another one of these already. But when I glanced at my list the other day and saw no less than seventeen escapees, figured, why not? Even more so, since Valve stopped posting announcements themselves for some reason, leaving most users completely obvlivious until a game pops up on the store. And even then, they don't always say "made it through Greenlight, thanks guys!" for some reason. They really should, ya know? It's kinda like a badge of honor. Kinda.
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