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Where Games are Marmelade: Start Prepping For the Blueberry Jam!

Nothing quite like a proper good batch of one's favorite jam. Love that stuff. But... in spite of its name kinda saying otherwise, this particular game jam is not about such. And no, I'm not sorry for misleading anyone with that title. Not one bit. I will however be sad if the Blueberry Jam doesn't result in at least a handful of groovy games, once everything is said and done, ya hear?
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Point ‘n Click, Make Magic Happen: It’s Almost Time For AdventureJam 2017!

As has been the case with two years prior, this year, Cassie Benter and Stacy Davidson will once more be hosting the popular pointy and clicky AdventureJam on GameJolt - and soon, at that! Whether entries be pixelated gloriously, stylized in a super high resolution or a mix, one thing is certain: there will be puzzles, dialogue (perhaps even witty), and all other things one has come to expect from this particular genre. So very groovy.
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From Random to Randomness: Procedural Generation Jam 2016 Is Underway

Ah, procedurally generated content. Or perhaps... entire games? Heck, for this particular jam, it doesn't even have to be a game. Could be art, a sound clip, a piece of software - so long as it has procedural generation at its core. Does that mean it's not a game jam? Probably, but who cares? I mean, games will still come to be during its seven-day run, I'm sure. So there - it's a semi-game jam (because that's a thing)!
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Yuri Game Jam 2: Make Games That Focuses on Relationships Between Women

Remember how, a couple of years back, game developers were asked to spread affection through the creation of games, during The Love Jam? Well, this one's of a similar theme, yet not quite, in that games crafted during Yuri Game Jam 2016 must focus on relationships between women. That's right: it's time to not only feature women in a video game but also... focus on one or more all-female relationships throughout the experience. A nice little challenge, really.

Asylum Jam Goes Fourth In Search of Horror Experiences… Without Stereotypes

This November, not long after Halloween, there's even more horror to be made... in video game form! What am I rambling about now? Oh, just the fact that the Asylum Jam will be returning, once more asking aspiring developers to create horror titles without stereotypes. Not as easy as it sounds, but a little creativity goes a long way towards upping the overall quality of a game. Trust me.
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Sight Heard, Sound Seen: Audiogame Jam Is Almost Upon Us

The audible aspect of a video game can either play a very important part as sound cues indicate things like enemy footsteps, music signaling the beginning of an encounter or perhaps just as a companion to the visual experience. So how about we get rid of the latter, just for kicks, and create a bunch of games in which the focus is (almost) entirely on audio? Sounds good, right? Then you’re in for a treat with the Audiogame Jam.
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Scale It Down: #LOWREZJAM 2016 Is Right Around the Corner

These days, everything's HD this, 4K that, and 8K is not too far away, I'm sure. But once upon a time, resolutions were lower, pixels more apparent. It was a glorious time, if you ask me. A time which aspiring game developers will be able to revisit, should they so desire, as part of the upcoming second #LOWREZJAM. Scale it down and bring forth the pixel art!
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Time to Play the OROW 9 Games (Remember to Vote!)

One room, one week, one game, a ninth time. One Room One Week (aka. OROW) is part game jam, part competition, tasking developers with creating a title using Adventure Game Studio within a single week, utilizing but one room. One. Just one. Not two. Not three. One. Oh and the games from the latest outing are readily available, awaiting playing and voting.
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There's Still Plenty Time to Participate In A Game By Its Cover 2015

While game jams are a dime a dozen these days, very few come with a unique, worthwhile twist, and even fewer with one as crazy as A Game By Its Cover. Here, participants are tasked with making a game, based on… fake cartridge/disk/box art! No, really. Ah, the possibilities! I mean, the only genuine restriction is 'any pre-made cover art you can find', which is hardly a limitation, ya know?
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Let's Cook Jam Caters to the Deliciousness of Video Games

Show of hands, who can name more than one or two food related video games? For me, only Cook, Serve, Delicious! comes to mind, really. Rather odd, considering the amount of titles I've encountered and/or covered over the years. As such, figured I'd good Let's Cook Jam some attention and hopefully get people involved. The world could certainly do with more delicious food (and food games).
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