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‘Super Flippin’ Phones’ Review

Little known secret: I absolutely hate when people wander the mall, staring at their phones, giggling to themselves, not caring about anything but social media updates or cat videos. It's ridiculous. Fortunately, the recent release of Super Flippin' Phones has enabled me to vent my frustration, flippin' phones out of people's hands to warn them about... well, whatever, because video game. It's quite entertaining too - until you get caught by a mall cop. Those jerks.
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‘Flippin’ Phones’ Proves That Ignoring the Non-Digital World Can Be Disastrous

It's hardly a secret that smartphones take up a huge portion of most people's life these days, but in Flippin' Phones, it's bad. Really bad. Everyone's too busy tweeting, checking their email, texting and whatnot, to realize that a terrible disaster is looming on the horizon. Time for someone (spoiler: you) to relieve them of their phones and maybe, just maybe, actually save them. Maybe.
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