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Easy as Alpha, Beta: Early Access Now a Thing on the Discord Store

Unsurprisingly, Discord's own store front recently added a Early Access section. Not a bad idea, really. I mean, Steam, GOG.com, itch.io - they all have it in one form or other, and in spite of having already seen more than a handful of games that were, well, abandoned, it is still a neat inclusion. Oh, and Discord launched theirs with a 'First on Discord' (translation: 'time limited exclusivity') title, because why not?
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Discord Store (Beta) Makes a Groovy Bunch of Indie Games Available via Subscription

It feels like forever ago when Discord marched into the hearts of gamers everywhere, providing an incredibly solid piece of software with quality voice and text chat... and that was just the beginning. Since its early days the client has evolved rather significantly, now featuring fun things like screen sharing and video calling; although for many, I suspect its most recent addition - which arrived earlier today - is its most important to date: the Discord Store!
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