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‘BADLAND 2’ Expands Upon the Original With More Fiery, Liquidy, Physics Puzzling Fun

It's time to defy gravity once more, as you float, smash, roll, fly, dash, and perhaps even glide through the sinister landscapes that make up this sequel to 2013's popular physics platformer. Like the original, BADLAND 2 will also test your ability to carefully - and rapidly - navigate narrow passages, avoiding magma, burning light (wait, what?) and deadly rifts, among other things, as you guide its protagonist to... safety? Maybe?
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Popular Physics Puzzler ‘BADLAND’ Finally Heading For Bigger Screens

It's been almost two full years since BADLAND originally saw the light of day, when it hit iOS devices in early 2013. A lot has happened since then, including a slew of content updates and the addition of local multiplayer. Good stuff for sure, and soon-ish, desktop and console gamers will be able to sample the goodness - maybe save a deformed forest in the process - as the title is finally about to leave mobile exclusivity!
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The Indie Post: I Is For Indie and Innovation

Whenever someone asks me why I've such a keen interest in indie developers (and their creations), one word always comes up in my answer. Innovation. It may not hold true across the board, but even so, that's still the very thing which makes them so appealing. See, unlike pretty much any bigger studio, indies are willing to take risks, branch out and be creative; something we should not underestimate the value of. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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‘BADLAND’ Arrives On Android With a Lovely F2P Model

This is certainly a nice surprise for Android gamers. It did take a while, but since they decided to release it as F2P, I'm sure most will find that it was worth the wait. Following a slew of content updates, the game now packs 80 (40 for free) single player levels and 21 (4 for free) for the multiplayer crowd. Oh right, by free I mean… with ads. So with that in mind, let's look at the pricing model, eh?
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Save a Deformed Forest In ‘BADLAND’ On iOS

After months of trailers, screenshots and several "it's coming!" teasers/development updates, approximately 24 hours ago it finally happened: BADLAND appeared on the app store, and it looks great! But looks aren't everything, even though the trailers I've seen sure made it look interesting (and difficult), so let's see what this newly released side-scroller is all about.
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