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AdventureX 2018 Bringing Narrative-Driven Gaming to Central London This November

Seven years. Seven years in a row, London has played host to the awesome thing known as AdventureX; and like last year, I'll be attending once more. Just saying. You've been warned! But seriously, for those not in the know, the expo/convention is all about narrative-driven gaming (hence the title) and there will be games to play, developers to talk to - all that good stuff!
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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: AdventureX 2017

I know what you're thinking, and you're right: AdventureX isn't specifically about indie games, which means an article about it on my site might seem a tad odd. But it [AdventureX] is about point 'n click adventures, interactive fiction, visual novels and similar stuff, all of which I do enjoy a great deal. So... let's get this seventh iteration kickstarted!
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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: AdventureX 2016

A couple of days ago we finally got confirmation on AdventureX 2016's dates (19-20 November), and with it, a note on how it would be... crowdfunded? That last bit is actually a lot less odd than one might think. The event will take place regardless of whether it succeeds, so it's mostly an attempt to cover mandatory expenses like, say, venue hire - ya know? Because that kind of stuff is not cheap. Not by a long shot. Oh, did I mention there's no entry fee for AdventureX? Very groovy.
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Point ‘n Click Magic In the Making: AdventureX Returns For a Sixth

Six years in a row. That's one helluva track record for a convention focused entirely around narrative games, instead of, you know, every single kind. Adventure games, interactive fiction and such - these are the type of games one can expect to hear about at AdventureX, maybe even meet and greet a developer or two in the process. Maybe. Oh and talks, panels, demos, plus other fun stuff. Groovy times for sure.
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