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Using inkle’s ink Language to Make IF Just Got Simpler With the Inky Editor

Twine, Inform 7, TADS, Quest, ADRIFT - not like there's a lack of IF authoring tools, and yet, something about ink makes it stand out. Maybe it's the syntax? Or perhaps the fact that it's powered amazing interactive experiences like 80 Days? Whatever the reason, however impressive as a language, its one downside was the lack of an editor. Fortunately, with the release of inky, that problem has pretty much been dealt with.
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80 Days and Sorcery! Scripting Language Open Sourced… With Unity Support!

Game developers making their creations open source, no matter the license attached, is generally pretty awesome, no doubt. But engines / scripting languages? Man, that's another matter entirely, on top of being a much rarer occurrence. That's exactly what inkle's done with what made the wheels of 80 Days and Sorcery! turn though, and I honestly could not be more excited.
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80 Days Review: Around the World, Steampunk Style!

My name is Passepartout, the year is 1872, and while the following statement may seem a tad ridiculous, I have in fact just accompanied my master, Phileas Fogg, on his attempt to circumnavigate the globe within 80 days. The journey was full of daunting choices and experiences, each leading to an event of sorts to be dealt with. Some perilous, other profitable, while some... are best described as 'genuinely exciting'. What an adventure!
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Choose-Your-inkle-Adventure: 80 Days Rebuilt For Upcoming Desktop Release

Pack your bags and cancel your plans for the next couple of months, because it's time to go around the world in 80 Days, choose-your-own-adventure style! What, already played inkle's adaptation of Jules Verne's novel on mobile (iOS, Android)? Well, you'll likely want to double dip still, as the upcoming desktop (Windows, OS X) port not only adds a ton of content, but also makes the game look better than ever! Groovy.
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