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Frog All the Right Notes In Tadpole Treble to Get Back Home

Tadpole Treble

Remember that time when you got turned into a tiny green tadpole called Baton, and had to dodge all kinds of crazy musical hazards on your way back home? No? Well I should hope not as the only place something like that would (should?) ever happen is in Tadpole Treble, and boy is it ever happening. And groovy. And funky. And all other kinds of music… things.

Straight out of Greenlight Limbo and Early Access, Tadpole Treble plays a bit like an auto-runner with a note-y twist. See, here, enemies and obstacles are in fact musical notes, however crazy that may sound. Get it? Sound. Aw. Alright, moving on then. On to nailing beats in a timely manner to truly rack up them points, as well as fill yer super-sonic charge meter which will then enable the blasting of everything in your path. Quite the tadpole we’ve got here!

Ain’t just about surviving the story either, as the game features a wealth of unlockable content: a beastiary to fill and music to unlock, as well as commentaries and even online leaderboards! Remember what I said about racking up points? Yup. Time to get competitive, for the entire world is watching. Or at least, Tadpole Treble players. Which I’m sure will eventually be… everyone. Tadpole power!

Tadpole Treble is available from Steam, at $9.99.

Tadpole Treble Launch Trailer (May 6th on Steam)

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