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‘Surfenstein’ Impressions: Frankenstein Gets Tricky On a Surfboard With Groovy Controls


Never imagined anyone would be crazy enough to attempt something like this. I mean, Frankenstein… surfing?! It works surprisingly well though, once you get over the initial weirdness of how it all controls, along with the fact that smashing into a penguin is an instant game over. Yup. Frankenstein is no match for penguins. Who’d have thought?

Controlling the monster can take some getting used to, as there are quite a few modifiers. The game does a good job of introducing each move by way of on-screen text until you’ve pulled it off, but that doesn’t really make it less overwhelming. For example, holding Q+P makes him do a handstand, while C is for kickflips, W and O spins left and right, and finally, G+V is used to lie down on the board. Confused yet? I certainly was, although only at first, as indicated by my somewhat impressive score (screenshot at the top).

Like in Summer Games, and just about any game with surfing, you’ll have to nail each landing, or it’s game over. On paper, no problem. But you’d be surprised as to how easy it is to forget, once you’re up in the air, spinning like crazy, doing handstands and whatnot, to the point where even Kelly Slater might be impressed (yeah right). Oh and sharks act like ramps here, because, Frankenstein.

Adding to all that funky stuff is an amazing art style, with everything resembling paper cutouts, right down to the on-screen trick feedback. That’s hardly a surprise though, seeing how Surfenstein was made for The Public Domain Jam, which had ‘paper’ as its theme. Surf’s up!

Surfenstein (The Public Domain Jam 2014) gameplay