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‘Subterrarium’, In Which Soda Just Might Plant the Way Home


I don’t know how or why the protagonist is deep underground in Subterrarium, but one thing’s certain: the surface beckons! As such, it’s time to dig. Dig like you’ve never dug (Dig Dug?) before. Dig with the power of… soda? Bought from vending machines, using money collected from dirt?! Surely this has to be part of said protagonist’s crazy dream. Surely.

But even if it is, you, the player, still has a job to do. One that involves carefully managing each layer of dirt as one wrong move will trigger a fatal cave-in. And then there’ll be no surfacing, no basking in the sun or trips to the beach. None of that. So choose wisely, and that actually goes double when deciding which seeds to water, risk assessment and all that. Remember, one wrong move and splat.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but watered seeds spring to life with various effects, ranging from those that go kaboom to potential shortcuts. Nifty. Oh and since your resources are somewhat finite, better put that shovel to good use, as I highly doubt your hands will be able to dig at it for long. Happy… gardening?

Subterrarium is available from Steam and itch.io, at $4.99.

Subterrarium Launch Trailer!!