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[Update: Greenlit] Stuck In Greenlight Limbo: ‘A Room Beyond’

a room beyond

This time the spotlight will be shining on A Room Beyond, a chilling tale which immediately takes me back to the days of Alone In the Dark. So what say we help it escape the cold emptiness of Greenlight limbo, eh?

When you awake, you find yourself trapped in a gloomy cave. Dim candle light reveals strange symbols and cult objects all over this place. You can’t remember what happened, but this place gives you shivers. There is a tiny ray of light in the distance which might lead to a room beyond this darkness. Outside the cave you find yourself in a forest which is surrounded by deep gorges and thick layers of fog. A crowd of people lives here in fear of an ominous apparition that creeps through the fog for manhunt.

Not a bad start. I mean, it’s terrible for the protagonist, but as far as horror goes, I’ve seen worse. Much worse. Also, the use of fog. Amnesia, kinda overused at this point, but using fog to create suspense and mystery? Love it. It is often said that we are more afraid of that which we can not see, than that which stands right in front of us, in plain sight, after all. Whether that’ll hold true for A Room Beyond, and whatever that thing looming in the fog is, remains to be seen. Or maybe not, ya know? One thing is however certain: the villagers’ fear is not unjustified…

So riddle me this, dear reader: why is A Room Beyond still struggling to get through Greenlight? It’s out already (or rather, episode 1 is), so… how about visiting its Greenlight page and handing over a ‘yes’ if you like what you see? Remember: your vote could make all the difference!

A Room Beyond – General Gameplay