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Stikbold! Aims to Reinvent Dodgeball This Spring… With Sharks!


When it comes to sports games, we’re pretty much drowning in both soccer, football, basketball and hockey, but what about dodgeball? Not really. That’s about to change though, in upcoming dodgeball inspired title, Stikbold!, which is an over-the-top take on the ball-to-the-face classic. Oh and it’ll have a story mode, because why not?

This spring, two teams of three will be throwing a ball at their opponents, while avoiding… traps and hazards. Or rather, players returning from the great beyond (where one is sent by taking a ball to the face (or any body part, really)) as sand sharks or something even more obscure. What, creepy? Uncanny? Ridiculous? Awesome? All of the above? You bet.

Stikbold! thrusts up to six players into a variety of crazy courts for manic multiplayer action as dodgeballs, jellyfish, beehives and more are hurled to knock out the competition.

Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome, I dare you. On top of that, how about going on a grand dodgeball-esque advenure to rescue damsels in distress, save the Stikbold! championships and… something about the devil? Yup. All accompanied by a soundtrack straight out of the 70s too, with characters and clothing to match, this spring on PS4, Xbox One and Windows / OS X. So very groovy.


Stikbold Announcement Trailer | PS4, XB1 & PC

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