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Not Enough Steam Reviews! May ’17 Edition

Summer has given way to winter with the changing of October to Nove– alright so maybe winter kicked off several months ago depending on where you live, but October did give way to November. That much is a fact, and as such, it’s time for me to examine May’s Steam additions, highlighting those with criminally low review counts.

Brief reminder: no Early Access, no Virtual Reality – what else? Oh, and less than 10 user reviews on the day I go through the lot (which is also when this article is published). May seem odd, but if your game hasn’t broken into double-digit review numbers after six months, something’s wrong. Somewhere. Anyway, my pick(s) are as follows…

Nadia Was Here release trailer

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Nadia Was Here ($11.99)
In spite of having only played the demo at the time of writing, I am still quite surprised to find this game without more reviews after all this time. Are people uninterested in what seems like a lovely looking RPG, one with quite the unique take on both combat and character development? One can only wonder.

SmuggleCraft – Gameplay Trailer

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SmuggleCraft ($14.99)
Do you feel the need for speed? Because if so, then this one should be right up your alley, combining fast-paced racing with… well, world-changing smuggling affairs. Yup. I don’t quite get how that works either, but it sure does sound like a fun combination!

No Stick Shooter Trailer

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No Stick Shooter ($5.99)
Or perhaps you’re more interested in blowing stuff up while defending… some planet or other? I honestly wasn’t super excited about this one, until I noticed that unlike how most other similar titles controls, here, you’re not directly in charge of the cannon. Instead, it’s more of a ‘point ‘n click’ affair (wait, what?). Very interesting.

Ophidia Trailer

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Ophidia ($4.99)
Lats but by no means least, we have something… weird. Trailer doesn’t exactly make much sense, but a quick trip to its Steam page reveals that you are in fact a demi-god, tasked with cleansing the world. Of all life. Everyone must perish! So essentially, you’re a super powerful all-consuming snake. Well, shut up and take my money!