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Get Tactical In Deep Space With the ‘Steam Marines 2’ Alpha

So, remember that brutal squad-based tactical space affair from what feels like an eternity ago, Steam Marines? Well, even if you don’t/have yet to play it, I have a feeling you’ll be just fine in Steam Marines 2; when you’re not getting destroyed by nasty aliens or flushed out an airlock, that is, as I’m almost positive the sequel will be every bit as hardcore (and fun) as its precursor – when it’s done.

On a somewhat related note, here’s what Steam Marines looked like when I first covered it back in 2012; incidentally – like the sequel – during its early alpha days. It has changed a lot since, as I have no doubt Steam Marines 2 will, long before it reaches that ever-important 1.0 milestone. As for when Worthless Bums decides to put it on Steam, well, no one really knows, at the time of writing.

Oh, and for those unclear as to what either title is: “a squad based procedural death generator”. Best of all, you get to roam hallways with up to six characters this time around (up from four in Steam Marines)! More firepower, more disgruntled… grunts, and so on. Good stuff for sure, even if the chance of survival is pretty low. Might help to gear and customize the lot though, and then… lock and load!

Basically if you like sci-fi or steampunk aesthetics and taking control of a squad of marines fighting robots and aliens you’re in good company.

That said, I’m not entirely clear on the overall objective, aside from “the planetary laser shields”. Bit cryptic to say the least, but eh, alpha is alpha and more stuff is definitely coming. Stuff like… maybe… an expanded Galaxy Map, potentially enabling players to make the trip to other galaxies! How’s that for scale? On top of that, while currently implemented, relationships don’t really ‘do’ anything. Yet. Maybe they will in due time, maybe they won’t. Ever. Because feature creep.

One little oddity, depending on your level of affection for all things Valve, is that Steam Marines 2 is actually not available on Steam. I know, shocking, blasphemy, etc., but according to its creator, the reason for this is that at this stage, he is mostly looking for feedback from “a devoted core of players”. Whatever that means. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be on Steam at some point. Maybe.


Steam Marines 2 (alpha) is available from itch.io, carrying a $25 price tag.