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Steam Direct: 2 Months and 1000+ Games Later… (Wait, What?!)

It’s been less than two months since Steam Direct launched (remember?), and if nothing else, developers are certainly embracing Greenlight’s replacement. I mean, the first week of August alone saw no less than 215 additions to Valve’s digital storefront, and in total, more than 1,000 games have been added. So… crazy? Ridiculous? Insane? All of the above, without a doubt? I’m going with the latter, quite frankly.

That said, “many of the remaining 3,400 titles that were remaining in Greenlight” have been greenlit following the closure of said platform, which might help explain the flood of additions in recent months. Or maybe there are just that many proper good titles that Valve simply could not find fault with, and as such, decided to push the button, granting them (the games) a brand new home? Yeah right.

Either way, it’s still too early to tell if Steam Direct will be a good replacement for Greenlight, or simply one that takes away user curation, putting control back in Valve’s hands. Hands which, as I recall, were already struggling to manage the games on Greenlight that actually made an impact on the community, garnering tons of positive feedback, ‘yes’ votes and such. Peculiar, to say the least, but Valve does work in mysterious ways. Example: instead of Half-Life 3, or anything else fans are extremely hungry for at this point, we’re getting a Dota 2 card game. Yeah…

Steam Direct Now Available

(Source: @icotom via. Kotaku Australia)