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‘Stampede 3D’ Is Running Amok On iOS Right Now

Stampede 3D

Get ready to avoid an angry horde; or if you’re feeling gutsy, simply charge wildly into the fray! But heed my warning: if you don’t bring your A-game in Stampede 3D, the enemies will demolish you without a second thought! Oh do take off those silly 3D glasses – that’s not why it’s called Stampede 3D.

The key to victory is knowing when to fight and when to take flight, as there’s no way you’ll be able to take on everything that comes running towards you. In order to help you survive the 20+ levels, a level-up system is implemented with plenty of different spells and abilities, but… as the game progresses, new enemy types will join in on the carnage, so like I said – bring your A-game or be prepared to pay the ultimate price! And do be mindful of your surroundings as well, since the environments are not just for visual fidelity: in this game, certain parts of it can also be used as traps.

Got a third generation (iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3G/iPad) iOS device or newer? Then you may want to consider grabbing Stampede 3D from iTunes. No time like the present to test your survival skills. CHARGE!

Stampede 3D – for iOS – Gameplay Trailer

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