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‘Sputnik Eyes’ Is Watching as You Help These Rather Colorful Robots

Sputnik Eyes

Their objective is clear: analyze one planet after another, processing the data acquired from each. Actually accomplishing said objective however, now that is another matter entirely, as the path to it has become… well, a bit of a mess. Long story short, these robotic beings need your help with some serious color-matching in Sputnik Eyes, if their mission is to succeed!

While hardly the most original concept for a puzzler, at least Shelly Alon – its creator – has put a fun twist on it, what with the robots and that whole eye thing. They do look a bit creepy though, but that’s quite alright, since the lot is likely still more than capable of doing their job; space madness or not. Well, with a bit of player input, anyway. Just a bit.

From the beginning I set out to make a tiny – but beautiful – game with no extras or useless mechanics. Just the bare minimum. And I’m pretty happy with it! With a development time of only 2 Months (part-time) it is the fastest game I ever made – but I’m the happiest with this one, too.

Now, the objective of each level in Sputnik Eyes, as it were, is to put each robot on the appropriate color; although first one has to figure out which path to take and who to move where, and when, to get it done. Confused? Me too. Fairly certain this is a clear-cut case of ‘looks easier than it is’, even if you do only have to rearrange a handful of movable objects. Oh and once you’ve cleared the more than sixty pre-defined levels, there’s always the randomly generated ones. Quite the colorful brainteaser, if I ever saw one.

Sputnik Eyes – iOS (iTunes, no IAP), $1.99.

Sputnik Eyes App Preview