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Speculating Screenshots (29th November 2014)

Speculating Screenshots

For most, weekends means two days off work with some much-needed R&R. But for game developers, it’s also a time during which they get to show off what they’ve been working on. I am of course referring to Screenshot Saturday, which involves tweeting screenshots with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. Screenshots which I will be critiquing some of every single Tuesday, in Speculating Screenshots.

Different screenshots from different developers, all working on different games. Some are very much a WIP, while other are from titles rapidly approaching release. These tweets do all have one thing they in common though, which is that they feature actual screenshots (or at the very least, mockups), animated or stills. So without further ado…

dreeps (@dreeps_staff)
Kicking off this week’s Speculating Screenshots, we’ve got… well, a weird one. Apparently, the game portrayed doesn’t take any time to play – you just gotta set the alarm, and events unfold automatically? Needless to say, I’m more than a bit sceptic about this one, but we’ll see.

Choppy Jack (@viibr)
“Elves make great lumberjacks too.”? I have my doubts, but in the spirit of the (upcoming) season, I decided to include the tweet still. Who’s ready for and/or excited about Christmas?

Nusakana (@nusakanagame)
Ready? I was born ready! But seriously, that island looks like a pretty sweet place for a grand adventure. I suspect they’re about to leave it behind though, which would be a shame. We’ll see.

The Erias Line (@TheEriasLine)
Exactly what the dark depths at the bottom of those stairs hold is known only to the developer – or is it? One thing’s certain however: game looks interesting, doom and gloom or not.

Okhlos (@CpmStudio)
Atlantis AND stylish pixel art? Nice. Very nice. Although apparently, for reasons unknown, the game is in fact about… controlling a mob. Or making a mob go out of control. Well, one of the two anyway. Besides, whichever it is, what’s not to like, really?

Trouble With Robots (@GeoffW0)
When it comes to card games, battle-centric or not, Hearthstone has me covered, but there is still an undeniable appeal about Trouble With Robots‘ new visual style. For comparison, check out this gallery on the official website.

Papercade (@Papercadegame)
Not gonna lie, I like me some paper-y video game graphics, even if this particular shot is a tad too lovey dovey. Then again, fictional characters need love too, ya know?

Penarium (@ThomasNoppers)
Yikes. I’m with the tweeter on this one: don’t do it, Willy! That guy raises so many suspicions flags it’s not even funny. Chances are he’ll still do it though, depending on whether the developer behind Penarium decides to pencil it that way. Poor Willy.

Letter Quest (@thebaconbandits)
Last but not least, a game determined to mix Scrabble with conventional RPG mechanics. Sounds a tad crazy if you ask me, but who knows – maybe flinging letters instead of magic missiles, just this once, has some merit? Maybe.