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Speculating Screenshots (28th March 2015)

Speculating Screenshots

For most, weekends means two days off work with some much-needed R&R. But for game developers, it’s also a time during which they get to show off what they’ve been working on. I am of course referring to Screenshot Saturday, which involves tweeting screenshots with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. Screenshots which I will be critiquing some of every single Tuesday, in Speculating Screenshots.

Different screenshots from different developers, all working on different games. Some are very much a WIP, while other are from titles rapidly approaching release. These tweets do all have one thing they in common though, which is that they feature actual screenshots (or at the very least, mockups), animated or stills. So without further ado…

Untitled (@IncubatorGames)
Chaos and destruction with a steampunk twist? I approve. Big time. Blow it up! BLOW IT ALL UP! Who needs coal anyway?

Rigid Force Alpha (@com8com1)
Oho! A lovely looking side-scrolling flier, with what appears to be multiple weapons (judging by UI elements)? Where do I… oh. It’s not out yet. Boo!

Untitled (@EricLavesson)
Anyone else getting strong Sega Master System vibes? Strong and so very groovy. Wonder what the deal is with the blue bubbles at the top, because surely the red ones are health, but the blue ones?

The Terrible Old Man (@shaunaitcheson)
A much too rare blend if you ask me. There should be more Lovecraft point ‘n click titles. Many more! Also, since now is ‘next week’, the game is in fact available. Just saying.

Untitled (@sandbaydev)
Man, such tension between those two pirates. It’s pretty much ready to leap right out of the screen(shot)! Bet ya they’re arguing over the barrels standing on the pier to the left, because… cheers!

Untitled (@OMGWTFGameDev)
Has no one learnt anything from Donkey Kong Country? Minecart rides never end well. That and they’re pretty darn dangerous to boot. That said, this fella does look to be wearing a sturdy suit, so who knows?

Captain Forever Remix (@IamDeanTate)
Because no Speculating Screenshots would be complete without an over-the-top “what the heck is going on?” pick. No really, I have no idea what to make of it, based solely on the screenshot.

Degenagon (@Squibbons)
I do like where this one’s going, although as is the case with Captain Forever Remix, its mechanics elude me, based on the screenshot. Supposedly, it plays like Super Hexagon, but… wait, how? We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.