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Speculating Screenshots, XL Edition (18th April 2015)

Speculating Screenshots

For most, weekends means two days off work with some much-needed R&R. But for game developers, it’s also a time during which they get to show off what they’ve been working on. I am of course referring to Screenshot Saturday, which involves tweeting screenshots with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. Screenshots which I will be critiquing some of every single Tuesday, in Speculating Screenshots.

Different screenshots from different developers, all working on different games. Some are very much a WIP, while other are from titles rapidly approaching release. These tweets do all have one thing they in common though, which is that they feature actual screenshots (or at the very least, mockups), animated or stills. So without further ado…

Untitled (@VitriolGames)
Defending it, sure, but against what? Must be some off-screen threat. Yeah. That’s it.

Emerald (@nickyonge)
Man are those ever some bright neon colors. How did the player get stuck in there though, and what is that weird looking thing to the right?

Soft Body (@godzekesatan)
From one nonsensical screenshot to another, this is… actually I have no idea what Zeke Virant is showing here. I’m sorta intrigued though. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe a little.

Quadradigger (@Synival)
Digger? All I see is a Tetris-style game with a depth-mete– oh! Wait. Hold on. I get it now: the dirt at the bottom of the screen. I guess? The public demands an explanation!

Spooky Pooky (@joeyspacerocks)
Dooooooooom… dooooooooooooooooom! I think anyone would be experiencing mild discomfort, to say the least, if their head was that big. Just saying. Game looks good though.

Apocalypse Neighbors (@BoomCoGames)
Can’t really tell if he’s building something or tearing it down, the way everything’s… well, tilted. Also, what’s in those boxes? Government secrets?

Untitled (@Winter_Stories)
I like how the guy in the back thinks, bringing a stick of dynamite and a whip to a gunfight. Hardly the best idea ever, but points for originality, and of course, guts. Too bad he’s about to get getting gunned down.

Overlooker (@ConnorORT)
Poor girl… or dude with really long hair. If it’s the latter, I do so hope the game is set in the 80’s. That said, he/she is gonna be in trouble soon, as monsters are approaching!

Guild of Dungeoneering (@Myll_Erik)
Lovely hand-drawn(?) visuals there, and get this… the game – or dungeon, rather – is also hand-made. As in, the player builds it around the hero, instead of navigating the hero through it. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Crypt of the NecroDancer (@NecroDancerGame)
Oho. Demons, undead, and other grizzly ghouls, all packed up in a roguelike rhythm game (nope, not joking). What’s not to like? Looks darn good (and feature-complete) too.

Empyrios (@Creoterra)
Eek. Looks to me like stuff’s about to go down, along with a couple of guards, and in a cathedral of all places! Better not wreck the place during the battle, or there’ll be hell to pay. Literally.

Wyrmsun (@wyrmsun)
Sure. Where’s the Roman settlement, eh? Surely it ain’t that tiny goldmine-ish looking thing to the right. Or maybe it is. Hard to tell with WIP projects after all. Hard to tell inded.

Untitled (@RavenTravelStd)
Really? Why can’t we all just get along? Oh well. If it has to be, it has to be, and as such, my money’s on the big guy! I’m well-aware that the tiny fella is likely the protagonist, but what do I care? FIGHT!

Templars 2 (@corytrese)
Hang on… a top-down, tile-based, steampunk(?) with RPG(?) elements, and one that doesn’t look half-bad to boot? Fingers crossed.

Room13 (@ThePaperRobot)
So much violence! So… much… hang on, why is the protagonist wearing a red ball? Oh! I see. “Someone” stole his head. Or some such. Man, that’s gotta hurt. On the flipside, a headless protagonist is pretty rare…