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Visit the Near Future to (Hopefully) Save Lives In Medical Conspiracy ‘S.O.R.S’


Boy oh boy, is the near-future ever a grim one. Or more accurately, S.O.R.S’ version, in which doctors are being let go and patients are not getting any better. No one knows what’s going on, and needless to say, you’re the only one who can do a darn thing about… whatever is happening. Just don’t forget to at least try to save a life or two, or you’ll be making friends in the unemployment line sooner rather than later.

Oh and because diagnosing patients, ensuring they get the proper procedure and such isn’t complex enough on its own, there’s also the matter of a hacker to deal with. Something something conspiracy – trust no one! Seriously though, no one. Perhaps not even this faceless figure who keeps messing with hospital equipment. Or maybe, just maybe, he is in fact the one person who’s on your side? One way to find out.

S.O.R.S is set in the grimy near-future, where the world’s population has reached breaking point. Humans crowd into ever growing skyscrapers that cover the earth. Personal space is gone, international travel is banned and criminals live in prison ships in the sky.

Meanwhile, however stressful at times, you’re still required to put in the hours to keep your job, outside interference and all. Remember to check your email and chat with fellow colleagues every now and again, to hopefully get a clue or two about the situation at hand. Just remember what I said about trusting anyone. At all. Also, your choices matter – those made outside the operating room too. So, ready to get your hands dirty, doc?

S.O.R.S is available from Steam, itch.io and Humble, carrying a $9.99 price tag.

SORS Launch Trailer