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‘Sorcery!’ Update Adds Reasons to Revisit inkle’s Take on the Classic Gamebook Series


Three months ago, inkle released the much-anticipated final chapter of the Sorcery! Saga (and at some point, I will find the time to review it). Done. No more stories to tell – or retell – in what’s been quite a grand quest, journey, adventure, or all of the above… right? Not quite, as according to the description of a very recent update, several new areas are now part of the experience! Very groovy.

As for exactly how many have been added to which part(s), well, that’s for inkle to know and players to discover, really. They did spill the beans on one in particular, though, mentioning that we’ll now be able to visit “a much-neglected secret area…”. Don’t know about you, but that certainly made me want to fire up Sorcery! again for one last adventure.

Oh, and in case new content – which doesn’t come with a price tag, I might add – to explore isn’t enough, how about some New Game+ fun, complete with a new difficulty setting, tougher adversaries, and aforementioned additional areas? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Bring it, inkle!

Also, happy holidays; even if you, for some reason, decide not to spend it (re)playing Sorcery!. Go ahead. You know you want to. The crown awaits.

(Source: Are you ready to save the Crown, again?)

Sorcery! is available from Steam, iTunes, Google Play.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Official Trailer