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‘SneakR’ Has You Jumping, Dashing and Making Loud Noises… While Avoiding Detection


I am a SneakR. My name does not matter. What does however, is my ability to sneak past guards undetected, snatching valuable intel found within briefcases that for some reason are just lying around. Well, the less hassle the better for me, as I suspect these guys are the ‘shoot first, never ask questions’ kind, and I’ve got my work cut out for me.

At first glance, SneakR seems like an easy little stealth game. Not only is it a top-down 2D experience, but you’re also shown a clear vision cone in front of each guard at all times, making it rather… well, easy. Or so I thought. Nope. Not easy. Not overly hard either, as with enough patience and memorization, you’ll eventually succeed. Attempt to rush instead, and you will likely end up with less than when you entered.

See, for a bunch of underpaid automatons, these guys sure pack some serious response times, acting immediately upon detecting an intruder, giving you precious little time – if any – to run and hide. As such, best to completely avoid being spotted, really. Oh right, dashing and jumping are also kinda bad, in that they make noise. A lot of noise. Noise which can easily attract unwanted attention if you’re not careful. So be patient and above all else, do plan ahead. Trust me.