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‘Smashout Revenge!’ Brings Multiplayer Mayhem to Classic Brick-Breaker ‘Breakout’

Remember 1976’s brick-breaking smash hit, Breakout? Sure you do, or one of its many clones/remakes, at least. Because there are a lot. Including Smashout Revenge!, yes, but at least this one brings something interesting and new to the table in the form of local multiplayer. Oh, and the fun additions don’t end there either…

See those yellow and green triangles on the above screenshot? Smash into one of those with your paddle and you’ll either be helped or hindered, as the yellow ones are harmful, while the green aid you in your quest to break every last brick – on your own side. Do keep that in mind, as victory comes to he who clears his side of the arena first. Not the opposing, as I made the mistake of assuming for several rounds, wondering why I lost every time (should have just read the ‘how to play’, I suppose).

As far as finding someone to play against goes, it’s as simple as picking a difficulty and seconds later you’re fighting a pretty darn competent (on higher difficulties) AI. Alternatively, one could always bring a friend to the keyboard instead, which has the added benefit of enabling mockery, should you prove victorious. Just remember that this goes both ways, and that you might find yourself on the receiving end after the next round.

But no matter how you choose to play Smashout Revenge!, there’s plenty fun to be had, trying to send one – or more! – balls crashing through your own bricks before your opponent manages to do the same on his/her end. Watch out for those pesky paddle-shrinking triangles though, because size really does matter in this game.

Smashout Revenge! is available from itch.io, carrying a pay-what-you-want price tag.