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After the Massacre: Grab Your Mop to Work for the Mob in Serial Cleaner

Little known fact: Serial Cleaner‘s protagonist is a ninja! Just kidding, although he is pretty good at avoiding detection and… well, his work does involve murder. Even if it’s an after-the-fact thing, rather than him actually, you know, doing the killing. See, in this game, you’re working as a cleaner for the mob, tasked with removing blood, bodies, all that nasty stuff – while avoiding the cops. Also, the whole thing takes place in the 1970s (or at least, it’s straight out of the 70’s). Groovy.

Now, while I, personally, would rather starve than take on another cleaning gig… Serial Cleaner does look like a ton of fun. Whether it’s the stylish visuals, the funky music, the excess amount of gore, the less-than-competent boys in blue, or something else entirely that makes it so appealing – hard to say. But there’s definitely something there. Something that’ll likely make for a fun time, even if you are working as a cleaner. Because today, you’re cleaning for the mob! And really, how bad can that be?

Well, if you get caught, pretty bad, most likely. So try not to do that, eh? Seeing how their field of view is defined by very noticeable cones though, ensuring every bodypart and blood splatter will vanish without a trace shouldn’t be too hard. But maybe it will. Maybe the bad guys (read: cops) actually become smarter as you progress through Serial Cleaner? Maybe they don’t. Only one way to find out!

Serial Cleaner is available from Steam, GOG.com, carrying a $14.99 price tag.

Serial Cleaner – It's time to clean up

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