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The Second Rocket League Championship Season Is Almost Upon Us

Rocket League

Soccer isn’t a sport that’ll catch the attention of everyone, that much is certain, but… say the game was played with RC cars instead of people, and the teams had a player limit of five instead of eleven? Yeah now we’re getting somewhere, and this is what Rocket League is in a nutshell. That and awesomeness, which is probably why Twitch has agreed to partner with its creator for a second season of championship chaos, featuring a $250,000 price pool this time around. So very groovy.

Soon as the whistle has been blown, signaling kickoff, players will be sliding across a handful of different arenas, smashing into one another – intentionally or not – and flying through the air, leaving behind various trails. Trust me, it makes sense, and you should know that if you caught even a bit of season one. Which you did, right? Right?

Right. Anyway, the open qualifier is taking registration at the time of writing, meaning it’s time to sign up with your team of trusty soccer-drivers! Better hurry too, because the fun will begin in less than two weeks, on September 10, and if you’re a Rocket League player hungry for some genuine competitive play… well, this is where it’s at. Prove your worth, test your mettle, and all that good stuff. Oh and you just might walk away with a cash prize. Just might.

(Source: Rocket League Championship Series)

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