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Under the Sea: Rocket League’s AquaDome Update Goes Deep Down Below

Rocket League AquaDome

For those thinking that it hasn’t been long since Rocket League added groovy new stuff, well, you’re totally right. Should that stop them from making a great game even better, though? Heck no! Oh, and get this: the AquaDome – which is a brand new arena – has you playing… submerged! Well, the arena, anyway. In a dome. Because why not? Also, could have sworn I caught a glimpse of BioShock‘s Rapture through one of its windows.

Part of every playlist, the AquaDome sports a layout similar to what players are used to from a standard arena. Nothing fancy about it, save for, you know, being underwater and all. Hopefully, the glass won’t break as that metallic ball gets smashed against it by one of the two new (DLC) cars, Proteus and Triton, or of course, the slew of already-in-the-game vehicular soccer machines. Nah, it won’t. Probably. Maybe?

Seriously, though, this is a really cool addition, and best of all, the arena is free for all players. No hidden objective(s) to complete or what-have-you. Just fire up Rocket League, patch it, and you’re ready to rock and roll… under the sea! Of course, you could always spend some hard-earned cash on one – or both – of the new cars, I suppose. But that’s your choice to make. Just like what team to be on. Make sure it’s mine if you want to win, though! What? Just saying…

(Source: AquaDome update, Patch Notes V1.24)

Rocket League is available from Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 at $19.99.

Rocket League® – AquaDome Trailer

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