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‘Reckpunk’ (Beta): Demolish and Reorganize to Keep the Protagonist Alive

Reckpunk (beta)

You know how most platformers have you controlling the protagonist, either by way of keyboard or controller? Well, Reckpunk throws that right out the window, instead letting you manipulate (and destroy) parts of the level, to keep its nameless protagonist safe as he/she/it runs… and runs… and runs.

With visuals that’ll (almost) send players right back to the ZX Spectrum days, and a matching difficulty in the later levels, Reckpunk‘s definitely not for the HD-crazed. As for the rest of us, there’s plenty to like about the game, including how noticeably different the gameplay is, compared to most recent 2D platformers.

See, normally, being unable to directly interact with the character would be an issue, with fiery pits and spiked what-have-you everywhere. But in this case, you’ve been given access to a unique – almost godlike – ability, which lets you destroy orange objects and move yellow things around. Neat, eh? You have no idea!

That said, you’ll likely perish anyway at some point throughout this hazardous journey, as some of these ‘puzzles’ require rather quick reflexes. Checkpoints are generously placed though, ensuring that death is rarely more than a minor setback, and the path forward is – for the most part – pretty clear.

Reckpunk (beta)

On top of the aforementioned fiery pits, you’ll also be dealing with jump pads and physics-based controls, the latter of which can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on the situation. Being able to move those fancy yellow blocks around freely enables you to use them as makeshift slingshots, sending the character flying! Just be careful, as you can’t drag yellow blocks through a yellow barrier. Why not? Uh, something something… science!

Seeing how the beta version only has 11 of the 40 planned levels, more than a few additional features, hazards and other fun things are on the drawing board, as part of its planned September release; like, say, different game modes! But hey, since the beta is free, all you’ve got to lose from taking it for a spin, is time. I’d recommend it even if that weren’t the case, though. So… go on, grab it from the link below, and get to helping whatever-his/her/its-name-is through them 11 levels, eh?

Reckpunk can be pre-ordered from here, priced at $3.42 $1.71, where a link to the beta can also be found. Full version should be out this September, at which point the discount will likely be removed.

Reckpunk beta trailer v2

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