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Freeware Puzzle ‘Qbeh’ Brings the Cubes

Qbeh release

From Finnish developer, Liquid Flower Games, comes a first person puzzle game that has you moving cubes around, to navigate a world full of… squares!

According to the developer, Qbeh is “inspired by games like Portal and Minecraft”, but I don’t see why. If anything, I’d say it’s closer to Q.U.B.E., which also focuses on puzzle solving by way of cube manipulation, though Qbeh does things a little different.

You’re equipped with a gun of sorts, that enables you to remove certain blocks from your surroundings, and these then need to be placed in marked locations, to climb over a wall otherwise uncrossable or bridge a gap too far to jump. There are no traps or enemies in the game, but I’d still recommend moving around carefully as falling to your death means restarting the current level, of which there are 4 in total.

While it’s not be the longest or the most complex game out there, do keep in mind that it’s also priced at exactly nothing at all! So with that in mind, I’d say go play it – what have you got to lose, except a bit of time and maybe.. a cube or two?

Beta gameplay – Desura

Qbeh is available on Desura (here) and Liquid Flower Games can be found here, on Twitter and Facebook.